The Work Party in action

These are just some of the recent jobs carried out by The Work Party.

"Young" and a little older can join us.

We meet on the Thurday before the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 10:00am to 12:00 noon.

Just contact Micheal Hurst for details on 01204 574222.

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A particularly satisfying job as been clearing War Graves.

We have eleven such graves in our graveyard. This is just one of them.

How it was.
And another.
Or so it seemed.
It can't be.
A Family Reunited again.

Yes it turned out that the overgrown graves were

Father, Mother and Son

buried in the same plot facing each other.

William Nicholson died 1928 and Maria Nicholson died 1929

Private George Nicholson Died 27th September 1940.

Raking Leaves
Path clearing
Gutter cleaning
Raking Leaves again
Grave Tidying
Brass Cleaning
General Cleaning
Drain Repairs before
Drain Repairs after
More Path Laying
YES !!
We did it!
Finally joined up.
Dr Livingstone?
Uncovered 4th August, 2018
Gutter Trapping.